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The Miller Family Story

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Vision Statement

To provide resources and influence to the world, where hope is restored to the Black Family.

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Mission Statement

Changing the narrative of the Black Family by empowering all members to achieve peace, through the pillars of Marriage, Family, and Finances.

We are Travis and Monay Miller of The Miller Initiative, LLC. We are Certified Life Coaches in Charlotte, NC. We have been married since 2014, and now have 3 children. Our first year of marriage was a rollercoaster. With a new child, student loans, and other bills to take care of, we both dove into our careers and the picture-perfect marriage started to get a little blurry. We were living the“back to back” style of marriage for the first few years. One day we looked up, took an honest look at our relationship, and we realized that we were on track to arrive at a destination that we didn’t realize our actions were choosing. We had challenges along the way: Time, Money, Direction/Information, and Limited Beliefs. One of the first things we learned was that hard work alone was not enough. We needed information, specific direction, mentors, and a renewed mindset. We did not have the examples or information to create the life that we wanted to live and become the spouses and parents we wanted to be. It took Travis taking a work assignment in Florida (2017) spanning the course of 3 months, and him meeting entrepreneurs and dreamers for us to get the extra push that we needed. We were able to dream together, discuss our goals, and paint a vision for our family, together. The following year, Monay left her desk job, we moved to Charlotte, and we began to build our business. 



During this transition, we realized and truly began to believe that our relationship and family were far more important than climbing some invisible corporate ladder. That's where we started to invest in our relationship and family more intentionally. In order to overcome the challenges we faced, we had to work on changing our mindsets, and take responsibility for our lives. One belief we stood on during this time, is that if you believe in yourself and put in the work, you can achieve anything… but you must show up and do the work. We realized that we did not have to follow the path laid out for us. We have learned how to dream bigger and reach further. Had we not acted on this, we would have likely struggled to become content living the typical, average, middle class life: work hard for a company that doesn’t value us while trying to find the time and energy to fit in our marriage and time with our kids. This was the generational cycle that we did not want to continue. We daily do the work to remove barriers and overcome the challenges in our own lives, and we now help other young married couples defy the odds, and create the new narrative. We can’t wait to partner with you, and see you take the initiative of bringing your family to the next level of becoming the highest version of yourselves!

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