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Restored Hope to the Black Family

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Our Brand Promise

We are Travis and Monay Miller, CEO and COO of The Miller Initiative, LLC; a company that assists starter families who are overwhelmed financially, in their marriage, and with raising their children, to restore their life direction, communication, and confidence, so that they can have more peace, less stress and become the highest version of themselves, individually and as a unit.

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Client Testimonials


Reginald Gilliam, Purchaser of “3 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship” e-book”

The workbook is phenomenal. It’s short, sweet, and to the point! It asks the right questions, elicits good exercises that gives access to a good marriage, and takes you on a journey that can lead to self discovery if you lost and relationship recovery if the marriage has suffered trauma, dissatisfaction, and loss of identity.


Jennifer Dixson, Podcast Listener

 I just listened to your most recent podcast! And I love it!!! OMG this was everything.


Sivanaise McLaughlin-Anthony, Purchaser of “3 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship” e-book

The workbook was very enjoyable. My husband and I enjoyed the exercises, and we were able to learn about each other's values and which ones we had in common. It’s definitely something we would do again and again.

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Learn more about our life coaching sessions and digital products we offer online that can help you! 

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